Embed-a-Cell Privacy Policy

When you choose to install the Embed-a-Cell GSuite Marketplace add-on in one of your Google Docs, you are prompted to allow the add-on to:

Embed-a-Cell accesses your Google User Data exclusively using APIs provided by Google.

Embed-a-Cell uses your Google User Data exclusively to make the Embed-a-Cell add-on provide its functionality.

Embed-a-Cell stores the list of Google Spreadsheet cells you are embedding into your Google Doc into document properties which are stored with the Google Doc in Google's servers.

Embed-a-Cell shares your Google User Data with nobody. Not even Technodabble's own servers. Your Google User Data is not transmitted outside of Google's own servers.

Embed-a-Cell's use of your Google User Data accessed from Google APIs adheres to Google's Limited Use Requirements.